Fundraising Event Ideas

Running a special event is a great idea way to fundraise on your own or with your team. Below are some ideas to get your started.

Special Event Ideas

Morning /Afternoon Tea

Set up a morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea at work, home or school and ask everyone who attends to make a donation.

Sausage Sizzle

Many local businesses, such as hardware stores, supermarkets and garden centres, allow charity groups to hold sausage sizzles outsides their stores, or have one at work at lunch time. Approach your local butcher, baker or grocery store for donations of sausages or bread.

Casual Dress Day

These work well in workplaces or schools where those in casual dress make a gold coin donation , or get whacky with a 'crazy tie day' or 'loud shirt day' etc.


Organise your own raffle. Ask local businesses for prizes and ask others from your local area to help sell tickets.

Trivia Night

You receive the entry fees and the venue benefits through bar sales.Charge extra for clues and answers, hold a 'true/false' competition or hold a small raffle at the event to fundraise even more.

Poker/ Casino Night

Get your friends around and donate a percentage of the winnings towards your fundraising efforts (or charge for chips).

Swear Jar

This is good for home or work. Suggest a gold coin donation for every %$#! spoken!

Sponsor a Shave

Ask friends or workmates to volunteer to have their head shaved or wax their chest or legs if a certain amount of money is raised.


Organise a ball with dinner and entertainment for your work or social group. Allow plenty of time to organise this and to spread the word!

Barefoot Lawn Bowls

A set entry fee covers food, green fees and any extra goes toward your fundraising effort.

eBay Auction

Put unwanted or donated items for auction on eBay and donate the money to your fundraising goal. Ask your sponsors for items you can sell.

Cocktail Party

If held at a bar then charge an entry price and have a set list of cocktails available for a pre-arranged amount of time.

Golf Day

Hold a golf tournament with friends, family or work colleagues. Raise extra money with a 'closest to the pin' or 'hole in one' competition.

Guessing Competition

How many lollies in the jar? People guess with a gold coin donation (that goes to you) and the winner takes the jar!

Mini Sports Competition

Organise these through your friends or work colleagues. Sports such as pool, darts, soccer and golf are popular choices.

Movie Night

Many cinemas open their doors to charities for a movie screening, with a percentage of ticket sales to go towards your fundraising.


Instead of buying lunch or breakfast, make it at home and donate the money you would have spent towards achieving your fundraising goal. Try to include others in your office to do the same with meals or coffee.

Treasure Hunt

Run an event or competition where people follow clues around the city or neighbourhood with a team of others. Run it through local pubs and finish with the final destination being a pre-arranged party. The entry fee goes towards your fundraising.

'Slave for a Day' Auction

Auction yourself off for a day to the highest bidder. Ask friends to volunteer themselves as well to help you in your fundraising.

Let Us Help You

We can provide:

  • Advice and support and discuss your ideas.
  • The MS 24 Hour Mega Swim logo to add to your promotional material.
  • Receipt books for collecting funds in person
  • An MS Ambassador to talk about multiple sclerosis and how it affects their life.
  • Connections with other fundraisers or Team Captains to share ideas.
  • Promotion of your event in the regular emails to all participants in your swim, where possible, or on the MS 24 Hour Mega Swim Facebook and Twitter pages.