Our Services

By participating in and fundraising for MS 24 Hour Mega events, you are helping MS to provide a range of essential services for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Our services include:

MS Connect™

This phone and email service offers expert information, advice, support and referrals to people living with multiple sclerosis, their families and carers.

Education and information

We provide multimedia resources, information and education sessions to help people adjust to their diagnosis, learn about their condition and understand how to live well with multiple sclerosis.

Peer Support

We offer a range of opportunities for people with multiple sclerosis to seek support from one another, via face to face support groups, social media pages and one-to-one peer support programs.

Immunotherapy Support

Our team of specialist MS nurses offers advice and assistance to people using immunotherapy medications (also known as disease-modifying therapies) to manage their multiple sclerosis.

Health & Wellness

We provide a range of health and wellness programs, including yoga, strength training, aqua classes and massage to assist people living with multiple sclerosis to manage their symptoms.

Medical Services

We support an MS Clinic where people living with multiple sclerosis can consult with expert neurologists. The clinic also hosts a visiting urologist who can assist people experiencing incontinence or sexual health concerns.

Respite & Accommodation

Our residential facilities offer a long-term home to people who have high care needs as a consequence of their multiple sclerosis. We also provide short-term respite care to give people with multiple sclerosis and their family carers a much-needed break from their routines.

Visit the MS website for more information on how we support Australians living with multiple sclerosis, their families and carers.

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