Getting Started

So you've signed up for an MS 24 Hour Mega Swim! The next step is to start fundraising to help make the everyday possible for people living with multiple sclerosis.

We've created a video to help give you some tips and ideas which will help you achieve your fundraising goals.




Step 1: Make a Plan

Setting a personal and team fundraising goal communicates to sponsors that you have a target to achieve. Break your goal down into manageable amounts. Can you ask a friend to donate $25? Great! Can you ask 10 friends? Then you are well on the way to raising $250! Check out our fundraising ideas page for inspiration on how you could reach your goal.

Step 2: Know Why You are Involved

Dive in and learn about multiple sclerosis and its effects, why the MS 24 Hour Mega Swim is run, where it began and where the money goes. You can find out everything you need to know right here.

Step 3: Make the First Donation

Nothing says Mega Champ more than donating to yourself! People are more likely to give if they can see that others have already donated, so set an example by making the first donation.

Step 4: Promote Your Efforts

Don't miss an opportunity to tell your friends, family and colleagues about your Mega Journey! Tell them why you're taking on this amazing 24 hour challenge, what you've learnt about multiple sclerosis, update them on your training and fundraising, and ask them what they can do to help. Spread the word even further by downloading our posters and putting them up at your school, workplace, gym, or at a local business.

Enquire About Matched Funding

Many companies now offer matched funding as part of their corporate social responsibility programs, where they support their employees' charitable efforts by matching their fundraising dollar for dollar. Find out more about matched funding and ask your employer to get involved by supporting the creation of a corporate team.

Be Creative

Events are a great way to raise more funds and team fundraising events are terrific to get everyone involved before the event! Check out our list of fundraising event ideas, or come up with your own!

Let Us Help You

Our fundraising team are experts at helping you reach your fundraising goals. If you need advice, ideas or practical assistance with your fundraising, please contact us or see the community fundraising page on the website. We're here to help!

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