Collecting Donations

When you register online you automatically receive a fundraising kit, and if you plan to collect cash and cheque donations in person, you can request a receipt book via email. Collecting donations via receipt books is a great way to personally communicate your goal (and appreciation) to your sponsors face-to-face. Then when someone sponsors you for the MS 24 Hour Mega Swim, you can write them a tax deductible receipt for donations of $2.00 or more on the spot!

It can be useful to have a receipt book at your workplace for colleagues that give you cash in person. Display a sponsorship tally sheet at work and your co-workers can pledge to support you and your swim.

How to Bank Cash & Cheque Donations

Use the deposit slip in the back of your receipt book to bank all cash and cheque donations at any Westpac branch. Once you have finished fundraising, send your receipt book(s) (used or unused) back to MS at the address on the receipt book, as we must account for each receipt in the book to the Australian Tax Office.

You can also bring your receipt book(s) with you on event day and drop them off at the registration desk when you check in for your MS 24 Hour Mega Swim.