I'm doing the 2018 Sydney MS 24 Hour Mega Swim again !!
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Two years ago, I was  diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis .  the past 24 months has flown by and I've learned a lot about the disease.      Since my diagnosis , I have made many changes.  I am now  Vegan + seafood, meditate ( when I remember), get plenty of Vitamin D and try to exercise every day including swimming/ Surfing 4 days a week.  I've dropped down my work responsibilities and now work 4 days a week.


MS effects everyone differently and it can progress very quickly or slowly.  It can affect motor skills, cognitive abilities, immune system, strength, energy levels and may lead to mental health issues.   Because of these symptoms, many people with MS find it challenging to retain work. The MS Mega Swim raises financial supports for various service for people with MS, but especially helping those retain employment opportunities.  


 My employer Lendlease has been fantastic, very supportive and constantly work with  me and my wellness plan to ensure that my workload is manageable.  Many people are not so lucky and are greatly assisted in the services that are helped funded by the swim.


Thanks for the Sponsorship.    Greatly appreciated.


See you in the pool !


Eric the Eel,



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